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Here is where you can find lotsa really cool places! Go visit them!


Starfox: Call Of Duty

It's dead. No one's there.

Parasite Eve: Horizon

New RPG. Based on the games. No need to have played them before.

The Black Temple

Run by my good pal Penthesilea! (Hope I got that right) It's a really cool place. Though you can get a little lost. But she has 'portals' to see you through. Lotsa stuff! Go see!!!

Foxfire's Den

Run by another pal of mine. Foxfire! It just started but it looks like it'll be great!

Kitsune Foxfire,  one of the people from my Star Fox RPG, along with his parter runs... PAWSPACE!!! A anthropomorphic hangout if you will. Lots of info for those who are furrys. Yeah, that sounded good.

AUG Ultimate RPG

The fine moderator of another BW RPG I go to has put up a place for all the denziens of the Ultimate RPG branch of the AUG, Just go.

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