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Full Furry Name: Kattan Delincht
Species: Anthro Wolf
Real Name: Adam
What about last name? :P
Astro Sign: Cancer
You believe in that stuff? Yes and No.
Location: Right behind you...
Favorite Music Genre: Rock
Fav Artists:
Limp Bizkit
Papa Roach
Poweman 5000
Eve 6
Rage Against The Machine
Green Day
Song that I Would Never Admit I like. Though I Do alot. "Kids In America" Len
Theme Song: Need a Soundtrack for that one....
Fav Genre Of Games Action, RPG
Fav Games Offline: Chrono Cross
Fav Games Online: TFC
PS2 or Dreamcast? Dreamcast...
How'd you get into this stuff? Hmm... Saw FurryMUCK. Joined it and, the rest is history.
Fav Furry Artist? Don't know. I like most every art.
Fav Furry Storie(s)/Series Blue Horizon
How Do You Draw? Trust me, I'm not the one to fill that q.
Inspirations on Drawings/ Art? Art, I usually get an Idea from a pic. Stories I either write what's on the top of my head or music.
FurryMUCK name? Kattan
Times to Contact? Tch,... Good Luck. I don't go on as much as I used to.
Do You Know A Drugstore Cowgirl? No.
Commisions? You do them? Are you high on something?
Advice to those who are curious about the furry fandom. Everyone has potential. You could be one right now...
Are you an Original Prankster? I have known to be evil... Hehe...

Favorite Artists and my personal music list!!!

Rants and Raves

This is just a spot for my rants and raves and thoughts.

Thoughts on Furry Fandom

The greatest thing since bread. It's a cool thing with cool people... er... furries. It's bigger than most people know... let alone if they actually know what the furry fandom is.

Thoughts on Writing Furry Fics

I love furry fiction. I hate reading books. But I will sit down to a fic that's about 400 pgs long printed out that's furry. I write that stuff too. My method to my madness? I have points.. very few points... plot points... that I want to write down. What am I saying? I just write down whatever and do not question it. A good thing and a bad thing.

Thoughts on Furry Art

I hate my art class. All the pictures are boring. I'm sick of drawing fruit. Now I know that any art drawing buff will say to me that it'll help in your compositions. Well, screw you. When you do it 100 times it gets a little tedious. I try to do the best I can. If I get good enough (Hah!) I may do commisions when I'm in college or something. As for those who draw anthro art, hats off to y'all! I don't know how you do it, but you do it well.

Thoughts on Roleplaying

If you don't roleplay online, whether it be through bulletin boards, e-mail, telnet, what have you. Go try it. If you even like the RPGs on consoles. You'll love it. There's Roleplaying places for every taste. Wanna be a Swat Kat? There's those. Furry RPGs? (Cough) Got those too. Try it. Though there is a dark side. RRPGCD, Random RPG Creation Disorder. It's a disease that makes people create RPGs on a whim. I suffer from it ;).

Thoughts on Music

Music is awesome. It influences me on a lot of stuff. Most notably writing... I mostly like Rock. Though I do like some R&B and Rap... well, less Rap. Plus some other kindsa music.

Thoughts on DVD's

DVD's are great! Though I only have a few. Some notable mentions are The Matrix, Mission Impossible 2, and Princess Mononoke (Anime! A good title too! Has the Japanese Dub too!). They are great!

Thoughts on Movies

There's one thing that I think is way too prominent in a lot of movies today. Sex (or Yiff ;) ). It pisses me off. It's like, " Ok, now please move the plot along." Romance is fine. In fact some Romance is nessacary, as long as it's not the major theme. That is one thing that made The Matrix great! No stupid bed scenes. (And the fact about the whole computer controlled society and the classic 'Lobby Scene' don't hurt, eh?). Another rant is that crued humor... I watched Nutty Professor II. And, One scene was just too much, and I can take alot. Though... there are some good movies right now. "Way Of The Gun" was a good one. Made you think a bit... Another movie that was just bad was "The Cell." Extremely Creepy. With all the drama and whatnot... Comedys are good too! Hehe...

Thoughts on Games

I wuv Squaresoft. They are kings among men. Final Fantasy's keep getting better. FF 7 was great. FF 8 was absolutely touching with the love theme and FF 9... I haven't gotten it yet. Chrono Trigger? Great! Chrono Cross? Great thus far! And they gots a Furry too! I hope there's more! I think there is. Can't forget about PC. Team Fortress Classic and Counterstrike, staples for my gaming pleasure. Some odd games are coming out. American McGee's "Alice"? Weird concept. Alice going back to Wonderland and finding it a warped state (like "The Cell"). FYI: American McGee helped with the Quake Series.