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Hehe... This guy.. wait.. puma artist is really good. This is just a sample of the cool stuff at his place on the web. So why are you even here? Go see his page!?!

RC_yuritux.jpg (73182 bytes)

Hehe! This is Yuripoh in his Prom Attire. Aww... a rose... how tweet! (Note to self: Lay off the Sylvester and Tweety words)

RC_knight.jpg (40068 bytes)

AHH!! He draws too good! As a friend would say, "So not fair!" This is really cool! The head is really cool!
RC_Sad2.jpg (30254 bytes) Sadness... I've still yet to master the art of the anime eye. But that probably isn't what Yuri went for. Or maybe that's the hole idea...

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