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Name Cost Effect
Asprin $150 Heals some damage
Full Heal $500 Completely healed.
Revive $500 If dead, this revives you, but not back to full strength.
Full Revive $2500 If dead, it revives you to full strength.
Protein Capsule $6000 Str +1 permanently (Can only buy 5 per characters.)
Name Cost Can Hold 2 Extra Notes
USP9 $190 Yes Starting Weapon
Beretta M93R $200 Yes Starting Weapon
Glock 17 $500 Yes Semi-Automatic
P228 $900 Yes Has Silencer and underslung Flashlight *May cause Blindness*
.338 Automatic $1500 Yes
.357 Anaconda $1750 Yes Has laser sight.
5.56 Viper $2250 Yes Has underslung flashlight *May cause blindness*
D esert Eagle .50 AE $2700 Yes Manual
Mk 23 $3500 Yes Semi-Automatic
PA-3 $250 No Single Shot
Benelli M1 $700 No Semi-Automatic
Browning Hi-Power $2200 Yes
SP 12 EX $4000 Yes
Sub-Machine Guns
Uzi 9mm $750 Yes
D K-5 $1250 Yes
HK 45 $2000 Yes
Phantom $4000 Yes
AK-47 $1000 No
M-16 $1800 Yes Can hold 1 attachment
SL8 $2800 No Sniper Rifle
SS 250 $4500 Yes Sniper/Assault Rifle. Can Hold 2 attachments.
Ria DB $600 No Starting Weapon
Crossbolt $1800 No
S Bolt $3200 No Poison Tiped Arrows
D emobolt $5400 No Explosive Arrows
Starfire $10000 No Fires 3 Arrows. Optional Explosive Arrow Fire.
Knives & Clubs
Tonfa Baton $50 Yes (Must have 9 dexterity or greater)
Serrated Army Knife $350 Yes (Must have 9 dexterity or greater)
Kata Knife $900 Yes (Must have 9 dexterity or greater)
G Army Knife $1900 Yes (Must have 9 dexterity or greater) Handle comes out to show various tools like a swiss army knife.
Photon Knide $3800 Yes (Must have 9 dexterity or greater)
Swords and Sabres
Steel Sabre $300 Yes (Must have 8 Dexterity or better) Starting Weapon
Iron Sword $700 No
Photon Sword $1900 No
Ceramic Sabre $4000 Yes (Must have 8 dexterity or greater) Undetectable by metal scanners.
Rocket Launcher $10000000000000 Yes (Must have 48 dexterity and 48  or greater)
Flashlight $200 May cause blindness
M203 Grenade Launcher $2000 Single Shot
Pyker $5000 Flamethrower

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