Kattan's Art
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!!!---My Art---!!!

(C) Kattan Delincht 2000-1. Any person(s) reprinting or reposting material of this or any other material in a commercial way or on a website will be persecuted. Those who want to show my work on their website, a e-mail is all I ask :P

talsm.jpg (7763 bytes)

This is one of my first 'attempts' at drawing. Looks odd 2 me. It's a character from the dead story of Furry Fantasy. Tal I think?

foxbarsm.jpg (6033 bytes)

Where I came up with this? Don't even ask. I don't like the hair. It's better than the one above, but not by much.

pinkmsm.jpg (5589 bytes)

This is a pic I did off a girl I knew in school. She always died her hair pink... A fan of Pink? Maybe!

duosm.jpg (8117 bytes)

This is a good one. Not the best. But close to it. It's what I thought, a dog-like Duo Maxwell would look like. I did it off a screen capture off the real show.
heerosm.jpg (6237 bytes) This is my best one so far :P .  Again, If there is similarity 2 Gundam Wing. U R RIGHT! Another screen capture was the 'model' for this.  Wolf like Heero Yuy. Cool huh?

kattan.jpg (72062 bytes)

This one I did for a StarFox RPG. Then I created my own which you can see here *Cough* Plug! *Cough*.  My character. Oddly enough called Kattan Delincht! :O

radiokatsm.jpg (72062 bytes)

I did this when I was bored, and it shows. FYI: 100.9 is the station I listen to most of the time

radiokatsm.jpg (72062 bytes)

Now in color!

Jill Valentine

This is a good one. Jill Valentine as a furry! Hehe! I used a picture in a magazine as the basic pose. I may color it in. Don't know. This is my favorite now! If i do color it, I'll have to fix the face.

jolie.jpg (86968 bytes)

Angelina Jolie. Why? Magazines. Only good idea I had. Figured, what the hell.

selillepeace.jpg (52459 bytes)

Don't judge the thumbnail. It's screwed up. This is Selille Kitari of the Star Fox RPG I run. She's a seal as well as a friend!
Did this Just before school. It's a fox. Origionally, it was gonna be Sonny from P.O.D. Things changed...
sideviewsm.jpg (2688 bytes) Side View of me. Not as good. I'm trying to do more actiony pics, but I can never get the muzzle right. On any species for that matter.
k2sm.jpg (6777 bytes)  

Kind of me in a Steve Burnside outfit pointing one luger at something and grabbing one in a holster on the belt.

I was playing Resident Evil: Code Veronica when I thought of this. It's odd that I chose him. I didn't really like the character.  I wish he'd just die. He was annoying throughout the whole game, you'd think they'd create some non-annoying characters! Well, he was... Note to self. When on major game making company, create good characters. :P

eve6catsm.jpg (3971 bytes) December for me, has sucked. In all ways and forms. Though I guess as a trade off, my creative juices have been flowing and my art has improved a tad. It's no one in particular though it's partially based on this kid I sit across from in my art class. Which is funny because I can't draw in that class. I don't go there for the art, I go for the people. :D
dbzraikosm.jpg (4783 bytes) This pic to me is funny. I did this the day I put this pic on (a rarity). It's my char based on my on again off again love affair with DBZ, it's a pic of my character on a DBZ RPG board I go to (In the links page) named Raiko Kaiea. I wanted a wolf char but it wasn't allowed :(.
foxmysticssm.jpg (7888 bytes) A color one... go ahead laugh. I finally dled a paint program other than Microsoft Image Composer I got with Frontpage 98. It's Paint Shop Pro 7. I love it. Unfortunately it's a 30 day trial and I know it costs like $250 or something. So work with what ya got I suppose.


Dreaming in Digital... It was done a while back. September 2K I think. If you direct your attention above... you'll see a pic similar to this one.  That was before I turned it into this! I did it using Microsoft Image Composer. It took me a long time to get it right. I called it Dreaming In Digital because it's roots are based in the song "Fiction(Dreams In Digital)" by Orgy. That plus it was for my friend Penthesilea. See those green things? They're not a background... they're 0's and 1's!


withyousm.jpg (6355 bytes) Showing feeling??? Maybe. I did this last night as of time I did this pic (1-31-2K1). I was listening to the Linkin Park CD and was hearing the track, "With You." It's a wolf reaching out to the moon... gosh... I didn't know I was symbolic! Or is it? I think I may color this in...
withyousm.jpg (6355 bytes) I'm getting better with Paint Shop Pro. This... This was originally created from a sketch I was doing when I was supposta be watching a video on King Henry the 8th's 6 wives. Heh, I like it. BTW, no I don't work for Deftones.com. I just like the Deftones. in...
withyousm.jpg (6355 bytes) This is another sketch turned into a pic! I still have the original penciled in one. I even retraced this and 'inked' it in. Plus I used PolyKarbon's coloring tutorial. I was going for kind of a animeish chibish style of drawing. So... Enjoy!

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