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Gabriel Mataira

Part-Time College Student

Age: 19
Species: Gnoll Male
Height: 6'1"
Theme Song: "Weapon Of Choice" - Fatboy Slim

A 6'1" tall gnoll with brown/black color scheme. The head is mostly light grey/brown with some tan fur toward the muzzle. The arms have dark grey while the rest of the body has some tan marks randomly scattered. The tail is a dark grey. He normally wears some kind of short sleeve shirt with some kind of design on it along with a overshirt with some kind of hawaiian-type motif and light tan cargo pants. The fur on the top of his hair, he has let it grow out for quite some time and has had it dyed a force blue and dreadlocked. He also carries a sidearm, A Kaira .22 SP loaded with blank bullets, he found it during one of his exploits with his friend Chester. He took the pistol and kept it with him.

Gabriel moved to Faegrimm at the age of 7, due to his father's change of jobs. Gabe wasn't too happy. Sure, the new job would bring in tons of money for his family, but he left his friends behind. For the next 5 years, he tried to befriend anyone he could find. Unfortuantly, any friend he did find either moved away after 6 months or turned on him. Sighing, he turned to his computer and decided to take up programming as a hobby. It turned out, he had a knack for it. Nearly, every night, he could be found in his room, typing up lines of code for the next game he was working on or whatnot. When he turned 16, his social life took a change for the better. His best friend, another gnoll by the name of Chester Kiaka, showed him a lot of the... more underground sites of the city. During one of their 'exploits', Gabriel found a silver pistol with the words, 'Kaira .22 SP'. He decided to keep it. He always wanted a gun, and now he had one. Anyways, besides all of that stuff, he got Gabe into the habit of trying to sneak into clubs (the minimum age was 18). Gabe enjoyed it. It was that all too natural feeling of one's adrenaline rush, caused by something one should not do. Amazingly, his parents never found out. When he was 17, Gabe dragged Chester to a magic series of lectures in order to see if they could develop some sort of magical aptitude. Gabriel had little success, only managing to cast a few simple spells while his friend had no success (He usually snuck out of the lectures.). A few weeks later, he went to college to try to get a degree in the computer sciences he knew so well. Now, when he's not trying to complete that next essay, you can find him trying to get into a club or trying to find a firing range. He likes to go club-hopping and attend parties.