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Furry Fantasy


A Vision


"Were on in 5." said Kattan. "Where's Milo?"

"If he ain't here. Were screwed." said Tal.

Kattan just looked down at his feet, "What if he ain't coming? This is a big gig for us. I mean..." Tal quickly put his paw up to the wolf's face and said, "Shut up! Jeez, for a wolf you act like a scaredy-cat. Besides you got that good luck charm with ya."

"Funny. " said Kattan with a smug as he looked at the ruby amulet around his neck, "Hmm....Aren't black cats bad luck?"

"I'm not black duma...." said the black cat.

"Hey? You ready?"


"What. You thought I was gonna leave? Come on." said the fox. So the 3 headed up to the stage to start. "Ok guys. The usual... and Tal." ordered Kattan.


"You buy drinks afterwards... OK, ready guys? 1,2,3,4...."

"I've been watching you...

Sleeping with a troubled look..."

Kattan then noticed someone in the crowd, a vulpine. He suddenly froze, but quickly recovered and finished the rest of their set. He then looked at the amulet, it started to glow a faint red. At the bar, the three musicians sat at a table and started talking. "This isn't like you, man." said Tal. "Yeah, you never choke," said Milo.

"Sorry, but this vulpine..."

"Ok. Hold the phone." stated Milo. "Just sleep, and you'll forget all about it."

"That's not the half of it. Ya know the amulet thing around my neck?" he said as he took it off his neck. "It glowed when I saw her. Odd ain't it?"

"Oh, please. Don't worry 'bout it." yawned Tal.

"You're right. I gotta study too." said Kattan as he looked at his watch. "Aw, damn. 12:31? I'm never gonna get any sleep. Later, guys."

"Later!" At the Metathran College, the gray wolf sat in his dorm room feverishly studying for the test ahead. "Ok, -b plus or minus.. 2a.." yawned Kattan. "I'm never gonna...." He then fell flat on his face on the table.

"Ahh... your awake."

"Who're you?"

Zarina Revealed


"Slight case of amnesia... Why don't you head outside." Slightly confused, he headed outside to find not the familiar hallway from the college. "What the???? Ok... This is extremely freaky." studdered Kattan as he looked around him. "What's with the whole get-up?" Suddenly a flash of light appeared...


"Eeep!", yelled the wolf. "Jumpy aren’t you." said a voice. Suddenly he turned around, "You???"


"You... You're the girl from the What is that. No, wait , what's going on... UGH!!" stammered Kattan. He then looked back at the fox. She was a typical red fox, she wore a blue shirt with some Japanese characters on it, and some flaired blue jeans with a green stripe running down the side. Her black hair was in a semi-pony tail, toard the top-part of her hair, and a green earring in both ears.

"Oh, sorry. The name's Zarina." she said as she extended a paw. Kattan shook it for awhile. "Um... I'd like that hand back... Oh.. Kattan, right?"

His face was in complete shock, "How did you know that? Could you please tell me what's going on?" asked Kattan.

"I can't explain much yet. But you'll find out. Bye!" she said with a smirk.

"Wait!!!! Woh!!! What the hell?" he said as he looked at his watch. "Oh damn! I'm late!" Kattan quickly got dressed and headed toward the lecture hall for his calculus test. "Mr. Delincht. Late again I see. Here's your test. Find a seat and get cracking, in my day we were always at our tests an hour early!" rambled the professor. "Yeah, yeah, whatever." he murmered under his breath. "Ok, let's see... carry the 2, plus 4...."

Two hours later at the club, the trio sat and started talking, "I'M SCREWED!!!!"

"Come on." said Tal, "You couldn't have done that bad." Milo just stood silent. "I fell asleep during the night while I was studying."

"Ahh... Ok, now it makes perfect sense. You were dreaming about some yiffy tigress..." said Milo with a smug look on his face. "No.. Milo... It was the vulpine from the club. Zarina." commented Kattan. "Oh so she has a name? Maybe we'll see her tonight." spoke Milo, "Now, the thing I don't get is that she was in your dream. Never happens to me."

"That's because that wasn't it. I was in some kinda bed, with some crazy person. When I went outside there she was." said Kattan.

"You're messed up. Here let me buy ya another drink."

Later that night the band played as normal but to Kattan's suprise she wasn't there. Backstage the three started talking. "Did you see her?"

"No." said Tal.

"Nada." said Milo.

"This is freaky man. I'm gonna put my guitar away and comeback." said the wolf-morph.

"Here's the $20." said Tal, "How'd ya know?"

"A guess. Told ya she weren't real."

At his car, Kattan thought to himself in his car, 'Ok. Some goregous girl comes to one of our shows. Shows up in some weird dream and doesn't come tonight. I'm losing it.'


Kattan nearly fell out of the car. He looked over to see that same smile, "You should lock your doors."

"Zarina! Jeez... Don't scare me like that..." Kattan said, catching his breath. "Didn't me to scare ya. If you seriously wanna know why I'm bugging you, let's take a little trip." she continued.

' Why not? ' he thought to himself. ' I'll make up some excuse later.' "So where do we go?"

"Take a left on the next road.... Yeah, that one. Now see that underbrush? Drive into it." instructed Zarina. The car made a swoosh as it drove in. "So now what?" asked the wolf. Suddenly a blue aura surrounded the car. "Oh... yawn... geetttinngg... sleeepppyy..."

Back at the club Milo and Tal are anxiously awaiting Kattan's arrival. "Where is he? I'm the late one!" yelled Milo.

"He's with me..." said Zarina.

"Ouch... Hello, goregous!" said Tal. Zarina then smacked Tal upside the head. "Hey, by some odd fluke of nature. You wouldn't happened to be named Zarina... Would ya?" asked Milo.

She nodded her head, "Would you come with me, please?" The two then followed her to the parking lot like two zombies. "Ok you two. Close your eyes and I'll give you a big suprise!" The fox and cat suddenly had grins a mile wide. "Yawn.... Milo... Sleeppyyy..." yawned Tal.

"WAKE UP!!!!"

"What??? Ugghh... where are we?" asked Milo.

"It's the same place...." said Kattan, "From my dream. The celing, the tables..."

"Hey, could you please clue us in on what's going on?" asked Tal. Kattan just shrugged his shoulders and answered, "Your guess is as good as mine... Still... We just may be in a diffrent place or something..." a idea suddenly popped in his head, "The outside!" He quickly found his way out to the blue skies. "Hello there, little boy. Are you lost?"

"Zarina, please tell me what's going on! I'm going crazy trying to figure out what's going on." begged Kattan. "Well....." asked Zarina.


"So what’s this all about?" asked Milo.

"To put it quite frankly, the world." said Zarina.

Magic and Mystery

"Say what?" yelled Kattan.

"Three days ago, there was an assasination of the head of the Sank Kingdom, Shae Dolong. After an autopsy was preformed, it was found that his body went into one hell of a shock." continued Zarina.

"So?" asked Tal.

"There was nothing electric there to do it, and the shock was more like getting a 50,000 Volt Charge."

"So are you saying that something.... paranormal appeared and that's what killed him?" asked Milo.

"Bingo, Sherlock."

"Oh, and what would that be?" asked Kattan.

"Magic. A couple of photos show him with a aqua amulet around his neck. See?" asked Zarina as she passes the photos.

Tal started to chuckle, "Heh, that looks like your lucky charm, Kattan!"

"The next day, Shae's grave was dug up. His amulet was inside and now is gone. I believe he took it."

"WHO?" the three asked.

"The leader of the Torrest Kingdom, Garland Steppenwolf."

"Hey! We're from there!"

"Why would he want some piece of jewlery for no good reason?" asked Kattan.

"Because each pendant holds mystical powers. There's 7 in the whole world. Maybe more in outerspace, I don't know." Zarina continued on.

"Wait..." Kattan said as he was trying to piece the puzzle together, "Does this mean the head of where I live assasinating people? Why?"

"There's magic in them." she said pulling out a pendant.

"Yyyouu have one?"

"Yep. How else would I bring you across town! So do you. Did your pendant flare up during when I saw you?"


"Congratulations. Your now a target of Garland."

"HEY! He can have the damn thing." Kattan said.

Milo then interrupted, "So what if he has spooky powers? What'll that do?"

"If you have power, you'll use it, right? Since he's at the top of the government hierarchy, he has complete control over many things including the military."

"He's only one fur. What can he possibly do?" asked Kattan.

"It only takes one person to start something. It takes one King to start a war."

"War sucks." Tal said nervously.

"So tell me how does this thing work?" asked the wolf as he started to paw his amulet.

"Everyone on this earth has an special essence." she said.

"BAM!" yelled Milo.

"Ha. These pendants allow whoever wears them to harness... magic. Just call out a command!" she continued.

"So if I say Fireball... YEOUCH!" he yelled as a small fireball hit his foot. "Coooolll..."

"I've got other pendant. Garland has at least 2. So that leaves at least 2 unaccounted for."

"Is there a limit on how much you can use the ruby?" asked Kattan.

"Yeah, as I said the whole esscence diminshes with each use. The more amulets you use, the higher the drain. That's why I only use 1. It's way too much on my system." she replied.

"Wait, If I'm right, Steppenwolf shouldn't be able to use more than 1 magic thingy?" asked Tal.

"I don't know. But still this is bad. So I guess the question is... will you help?" asked Zarina.