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White Phoenix Notebook

Ok. Here you can find some info on the characters in the White Phoenix storyline. Look here constantly if a new crew member is added in later episodes (spoiler!) Again. Any fanart is welcomed here.

White Pheonix Crew

Sonny Ikari

Kattan Delincht

Maya Katia

Ian Seral

Callo Timorsu

Regin Mataira

Jacob Lossarot



White Pheonix Specifications

Purchased by Jacob Lossarot, used.

Weapons:  5 turrets mounted with plasma cannons. 1 in back, 1 on the bottom, one on the top and one on each wing.

1 Spreadfire Laser which is mounted on the wingtips. Delivers a focused blow on one target in the foward area.

Ship is divided into 4 levels.

Floor 1: Makeshift Brig/Extra Storage (Used for hauling people who the White Pheonix has been sent to apprehend.

Floor 2: Operations. (The front of the ship holds the bridge. The hall that connects it is considered Enginnering by the crew.

Floor 3: Living Quarters (Where the crew sleeps and whatnot.)

Floor 4: Unknown. (Hasn't been touched by the crew. Large Room with cloths drapped over things. Supposedly left by the old owners of the ship.)




Sonny Ikari

Sex: Male

Species: German Shepard

Assignment: Pilot

Typical Clothes: White T-Shirt Blue Jeans

Persona: The crazy one. Does peculiar things. Somewhat hyperactive.

Height: 5'6"

Hair Color: Brown hair

Eye Color : Green

Fur color: Dark Yellow with dark brown sports. Includes Tail.

Homeworld: Balvus


Years Abord White Pheonix : 1

Theme Song: Citizen King - "Under The Influence"

Kattan Delincht

Sex: Male

Species: Grey Wolf

Assignment: Weapons Specialist

Typical Clothes: T-Shirt w/ assorted band logos. Usually wears a over shirt with a Hawaiian, Chinese Dragon or Lettering motif. Baggy  Stovepipe Blue Jeans.

Persona: Likes Old Music (by Story Standards) , plays Elec. Guitar,   likes to have fun, outgoing, trusting

Height: 5'4

Hair Color: Blue hair

Eye Color: Brown

Fur Color: Fur color is grey all around

Homeworld: Barbadous

Age: 20

Years Abord White Pheonix: 0

Theme Song: P.O.D. - "School Of Hard Knocks"

Maya Katia

Sex: Female

Species: Red Fox

Assignment: Tactical / Cook

Clothes: Red T-shirt with bellbottom jeans

Persona: Has somewhat of a anger management problem. Believes in the power of one. Can be either secretive or talkative, depending on the mood she's in.

Height: 5'7

Hair Color: Long hair, reaches middle of the back. Brown hair

Eye Color: Green

Fur Color: Face Fur is Red Orange with white fur on the muzzle which covers her torso. Ears are black as well as part of her hands. Bushy Tail is also the same red orange with white at the end.

Homeworld: Quia

Age: 29

Years Abord White Pheonix: 2

Theme Song: Offspring - "Staring At The Sun"

Ian Seral

Sex: Male

Species: Panther

Assignment: Communication/Finances

Typical Clothes: Long Shirts of Varying Colors. Tan Khakis

Persona: Hopelessly in love with any female he meets. Relationships end w/ less than fav results. Proud in his work and doesn't adjust to new blood easily.

Height: 5'8

Hair Color: Straight Light Brown, usually combed to the front.

Eye Color: Brown

Fur Color: Hair color is in direct contrast with the short black fur. Covered in the same black fur which includes the tail.

Homeworld: Inkari

Age: 29

Yeard Abord White Pheonix: 3

Theme Song:(HED) Planet Earth - "Bartender"

Callo Timorsu

Sex: Female

Species: Mane Coon Cat

Assignment: Computer Software and Hardware

Clothes: Light Blue t-shirt worn over a open leather vest. Black baggy jeans.

Persona: Likes to talk. Play too. Compete with anyone over anything all night. Has to see things through.

Height: 5'3"

Hair Color: Slightly wavy black hair w/Purple Highlights. Comes to Shoulder Length.

Fur Color: Facefur is a light tan with black markings on the face. Tail is shaped much like a raccoon's it alternates black and tan.

Eye Color: Blue

Homeworld: Kora

Age: 22

Years Abord White Pheonix: 1

Theme Song: Bon Jovi - "It's My Life"

Regin Mataira

Sex: Male

Species: Rabbit

Assignment: Machanic/Repairs

Clothes: Engineering type jump suit. Plenty of pockets.

Persona: Very into his work. Though will take a break for fun. Him and Maya are presumably a item, though neither of them will admit it openly.

Height: 5'5" w/Ears 5'9" (Ears are slightly shorter than normal. Same with tail.)

Hair Color: Blond, combed straight to the front.

Fur Color: Dark tan on the face as well as the rest of the body. The tail is small enough that it is not seen or noticible with clothing.

Eye Color: Brown

Age: 27

Years abord White Pheonix: 3

Theme Song: Smash Mouth - "All Star"

Jacob Lossarot

Species: Bengal Tiger

Assignment: Captain

Typical  Clothes: Blue T-Shirt w/ partially buttoned Leather Jacket. Blue Jeans

Persona: One who believes that a happy crew is a good crew. Very nice to his employees and employers. Demands nothing but the best when commanding. While not in a ship. He can party with the best of them.

Height: 5'7

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Fur Color: Facefur is white with horizontal black markings. Runs down all parts of the body including the tail.

Age: 32

Yrs Aboard: 3

Theme Song: The Wallflowers - "Sleepwalker"