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Early morning, 2 figures were standing in the fogfilled spaceport as the first breaks of the morning sun of Barbadous.

"Very good." A lizardman in a buisness suit spoke, holding some sort of electronic device. "Your credits should be in your account... now. Good day, Mr. Lossarot."

"Time to go pay the pipers." The bengal tiger's tail swished left and right as he made his way back to the ship. He made his way to his room where the only light was the radiating computer screen. Furiously typing away at the keyboard, some small slips of paper came out of a small printer. Grabbing them, he headed out where he bumped into Maya.

"Ow... Watch where... Oh, sorry Jake." The vulpine spoke as she helped Jacob pick up the mess, she kept one of the papers.

"Smart girl. Well, if you see Ian or Regin. Could you give them their checks as well?"

"No prob. Was about to see the rabbit anyway." She replied.

"Ah... you and Reg out for a lil' breakfast?" Jacob handed the other two paychecks to her as he pushed a button on the speaker.

"You could say that. Who ya waking?"

"Kattan. We're going shopping....... Kattan? Wake up man. Time to go."

"It's 6 in the morning." whined Kattan voice over the speaker.

"Lemme try." Maya pushed the bengal tiger aside. "Ok... please wake up. I'll make it worth your while."

"Ugh.. How so?" replied Kattan.



"Make you whatever you want for dinner tonight."

"I'll have some... ooh... Katakana Pepper Stew with some salad..."

"Age old fact of life. Happy to be of service." Maya said as she left the hallway.


"Up early I see..." Ian walked onto the bridge and saw Allison, looking through the forward window of the bridge.

"Is there a problem watching the sunrise?" the lioness spoke.

"No.. none at all. Mind if I sit down?" Ian went toward one of the chairs and sat down. Attention focused on Allison. "You know, those beams of sunlight..."

"Shut up. You even start that I will personally slit your throat and make you into my personal throw rug." she said, pointing a claw at the panther.

"Sorry. I take it your taken? Some pirate lionman waiting for his girl to come back, how romantic." Ian threw his hand back to his head in a overdramatic pose as he said the last few words.

"Look, I don't have a boyfriend. Ok?" She turned her back to the window once more.

"Ah... she then?"

"You'd like that wouldn't you?" Allison walked over to him. "Sorry to dissapoint you." As she left, Maya came in with Regin. "Smooth... very smooth Ian. I'd expect nothing else from you." Maya said, "Here's your pay."


"Everybody ready?" Kattan said as he walked out of the entryway and onto the street.

"How far is it till we go to your spot?" Sonny asked the grey wolf.

"Far enough. We'll stop at my place. Get my car. If it's still there."

Not too far away, Maya and Regin were walking down a sidewalk, dressed in casual clothes. "So, where we headed?"

"Place I know here. Good food. You'll like." Maya said to him as she stopped infront of a brick building with a neon sign which read Katia Diner.

Inside the structure, the walls were wooden, decorated with some paintings. The floor was wooden also with the exception of the red rugs outlining paths between the rows of tables. As Regin walked down the aisle,  a painting struck him with a innate curiousity to look closer.

"Yep, she was a cute lil bugger back then." A voice said from behind him.

Regin turned around to see a red fox, dressed in a chef's outfit with blond tinted hair. "Who the hell are you and how do you know..."

"Maya? She's my lil sis. Sorry, where are my manners." The fox extended a paw. "Pierce Katia. Or P.K. whatever you want. I take it your Regin? Heard lotsa things about ya."

"Can't say the same for you."

"Look, order what you two want. On the house. I wanna hear what's been going on with the both of you." P.K. left the table and through a door. Meanwhile Regin just sat at a booth with a 'what just happened' look.


 "Hope everyone isn't afraid of heights." The grey wolf walked through the glass doors of the incredibly tall apartment building. Everyone got into the nearby elevator as Kattan pushed a button closing the door. "...74...75...76...77...78." Kattan said to himself as the door slid open with an audible whoosh. A few feet down the hall, he stopped at a door marked, '1953'. "Excuse the mess, but make yourselves at home anyway."  He pulled from his jeans pocket a keycard and slid it through a reader. The door made a clicking noise as it opened. "Be back in a sec."

"Nice place." Callo said as she looked around the brightly colored room. Sonny walked traight ahead, through a open doorway to find what he presumed was the kitchen, seeing the stove and refrigerator. "Ehh..." He opened the refrigrator and found a can of soda which he drank it up in a single gulp. "You know, you haven't been here for 3 minutes and your already grabbing stuff... shame shame." the feline said as she went out through a sliding glass door and out to a balcony where she stood and watched the skyline.

"Whatever..." The German Shepard shrugged his shoulders and put the beverage down. Walking through a different doorway he found another brightly lit room due to the skylight and the whitewash walls. Looking around, he found a big screen TV along with a couch futon with some scattered blankets on it along with some other furniture. "Let me see what's on..." He turned the TV on and began to channel surf, getting bored with each and every click. He put it down when he began to watch some comedy show and grabbed another drink from the fridge. On the way back, the blankets moved slightly. Sonny gave an odd look at it and sat back down. A few minutes later, it began to creak. Turning his attention on it, it stopped making the sound. Seconds later, there was an audible yawn. "Ok. This is freaking me out." He turned off the TV and pulled the blanket off to reveal 2 figures, a lynx and a bobcat, both in a t-shirt and some jeans. "Ummm.... ok.... uhh....." he stuttered as the lynx began to wake up.

"Don't mind her... already looking for a new roomate or just another one night stand?" Kattan's voice echoed.

"Depends," the female lynx spoke. "on what you mean."

"You know you've always been a..."

"Say it. Say it and I'll kill you."

"Naw... I'm just playing with ya." Kattan said. "This is...."

"Setsuna. Setsuna Miko." The lynx introduced herself. "Who're yer new friends?"

"This is Sonny. There's Callo and Jacob who are here somewhere....?" Kattan explained. Jacob, hearing his name came into the room where Sonny and Kattan were both at.

"This is Jacob, my new quote unquote boss." Jacob gave a little wave to Setsuna.

"So... your quitting the trade?" she asked Kattan.

"No, just... expanding my horizons, if that's ok with your little boy toy here."  he replied.

"Hey, don't get into my personal life."

"What personal life is that?"

"Quiet. Just... quiet. He's a freind, let's drop the subject. So, where ya headed?" Setsuna asked the group.

"Get some stuff. Why?"

"Lemme come with. I need to anyway, to make a bust. Just don't get in my way ok?" Setsuna said as she left.

"What does she do?" Jacob asked as Sonny entered the room.

"Lt. Miko of the Barbadous Police Department, Sniper, investigator... whatever." Kattan sat down on a chair. Sonny was looking at him suprisingly. "What? Oooh... Policeman... Never heard that one before."

"It's just..." Sonny studdered.

"What?" Jacob replied.

"He's uh... nothin'." The shepard replied as he put his paws in his pockets.

"Fine... hey, what did she mean when she was going to make a bust? She does mean a takedown of sorts, correct?"

"E...yeah." the wolf said. "Oh, by the way, where's my keys?" Setsuna gave a large smile as she dangled the keys around her finger. "Want 'em?"

"Gimme!" Kattan lunged toward the lynx as she strafed to the right. After ducking and dashing around a sofa, he lept across the sofa, banging his ankle on it, tackling Setsuna onto a love seat. He then reached his hand down to hers and grabbed his keys. "Thank you." he said as they looked into each others eyes. He then got off the furniture and stood up, limping a tad from the jump.

"You ok?" she asked.

"Yeah. Let's go." Kattan said as he left.