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Dance Dance Revolution




     Dance Dance Revolution. What's to say? Alright, first off... for those who don't exactly know... It's a video game for starters... After you choose a character and song, there's a row of four arrows on top. As the song plays, arrows will scroll to the top and you have to hit them when the scrolling arrows come into contact with the stationary arrows. It's one of those simple to learn, difficult to master games. :P

     The songs here are definately varied (Well... from the one's I've played ^^). You have your rappy style songs, J/K-pop, techno, house... hell, even some latin thrown in ^^. Most... who am I kidding, your not going to know any of the artists here ^^. I know I didn't ^^. But the songs, all of them are incredibly catchy ^^. I'm quite partial to "Boom Boom Dollar" and "My Generation (Fat Beat Mix)" myself (Though the latter I've only heard and not played ^^). Don't let this keep you from playing though... I'm a big rock fan (POD, 311, AAF, Some Godsmack) and I love the music ^^.

Ok, so what's the deal with scoring and stuff? Well, each 'step' is judged on a scale from Boo, where you've just missed the step, Almost, Good, Great and Perfect where you hit the step on beat. In order to get the greats and perfects, listen to the beat ^^. Tap your foot as you'd normally would with any song and you've got the idea ^^. Song difficulty is rated in feet on a scale from 1 to 10. One foot is simple and ten is rated ten ^^. Though the only songs with that rank are Max300 and I think So Deep on Double (On DDRMax), but you'll usually see a 9 footer, catastrophic. And it is ^^.

Now about me ^^. I first found this at the Jersey Shore, a 3rd mix machine to be exact, at about... 10 in the morning ^^. I didn't know exactly what to do, but when I figured it out it was FFFFFUUUNNNN!!! ^^ Then when we left... I didn't know there was any DDR machines near here so I unfortunately stopped looking into it ^^. Well, my friend, who shall not be nameless, RavenWorks is a big DDR freak. And I guess that rubbed off on me... so around Jan 2ish 2002, I snagged the DDR USA for the PS and it came with a pad. I've played it everyday. I'm dead serious... well, I was sick that one day ^^... I mean... If I wasn't feeling sick or something, I'd play it ^^. Next the arcade... needless to say, I dipped down about two feet in skill level. ^^; Soft pads, and hard pads are different... and I'm still trying to figure out what the difference is ^^. In about three months, I got to play around the level which I normally play at home (Sans Dynamite Rave on Maniac and most 8 footers ^^). It's great fun at the arcade, crowds (depending on where you live, I live in a town that truly is Americana so anything foreign looks either neat or gay according to people :P), and people ^^. Excersise and socialization :P.

See you at the arcade ^~.