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Beast Wars - The New Crew: Part 2 1/2

Part 2 1/2? Where is part 1 and 2? Well, Beast Wars Pt 1 and 2 was a BW RPG

I and a couple of people played in. Then 2000 came and it is no more. At least those people won't show.

There were 3 surviors... This is their story... sort of...

**Scene: Inside the Axalon II: Main Area**



Hawkeye: Well, it's nearly been a half a stellar cycle. Stupid engines.

Penthesilea: Look on the bright side. At least nothing else happened.

Hawkeye: Too true. *SIGH*

Foxfire: (Strums her guitar) What I wouldn't give for one look at Cybertron one last time.

All of a sudden an engine thrust is felt across the ship!!

Foxfire: We're moving!?!

Hawkeye: We're moving! (Heads to the bridge. Penthesilea and Foxfire follow.)


Scene: Bridge


Penthesilea: (Sits at a terminal) Let's see where we are... (pushes a few buttons). Hmm....

Hawkeye: Hmm??? (looks at Penthesilea)

Penthesilea: Computer says we're nowhere.

Hawkeye: Oh... (pushes a button) Uh-oh.

Foxfire: What uh-oh?

Hawkeye: Well... we can move... we just can't steer.

Foxfire: Oy vay...

Hawkeye: At least there's nothing ahead. We'll be ok...



A large crash is heard in the back of the ship. Then the ship flys madly outta control into a timid little planet below...

(Hawkeye awakens, still in robot mode on a different looking ship. He sees Fox and Pen)

Hawkeye: Are you 2 allright?

Foxfire: (groggily)Yeah... Did we hit something?

Penthesilea: Where are we? Is this... part of... The Matrix?

(A Black Trenchcoat wearing Keanu Reeves appears in a mist of smoke.)

Keanu: No. The Matrix is a set of the biggest and most technological computers, ever.

Hawkeye: Wha??? No... Wait... Who are you?

Keanu: I am Neo.

Hawkeye: Right...

Neo: Here. I found this. (Holds up Foxfire's guitar)

Foxfire: THAT'S MINE!!!

(Neo throws the guitar at Foxfire. She bends backwards as the Guitar flys over her leaving a visible trail in it's wake.)

Penthesilea: Whoa.

(Black Rob then walks in)

B. Rob: If you see somethin' ill. Now that's whoa. (leaves)

Penthesilea: What is this place?

Morpheus: You're on the USS... Something.

Hawkeye: (Grabs his sniper rifle and points it at Morpheus.) Move this hunka junk back to Cybertron.

I wanna know what's going on.

Morpheus: You really want to know? (Holds out his hands which have 9 pills.) You 3 have 3 choices.

The Beige Pill. The red and green polka-dotted pill. And the Happy Pill.

Foxfire: I like the Happy Pill. (Grabs pill and swallows it)

Penthesilea: Happy Pill? Why not? (Grabs pill and swallows it)

Hawkeye: (Grabs the Happy Pill and swallows it.) Nummy.

(The world around them starts to turn all sorts of trippy colors. Then they pass out.)


Scene: Wreckage of Axalon II- Outside


Outside, it is a clear blue day. The remains of the ship are in pieces and in a small revine.

Hawkeye: (getting up) Did anyone else have this strange dream with this thing called Neo and pills? (Fox and Pen nod yes)

Foxfire: Now where are we?

Penthesilea: Well, I'm detecting nothin'. Nothin' Maxi or Pred anyway.

Hawkeye: I wonder what our leader would do at this point?

Foxfire: Umm, I don't think we had a leader.

Hawkeye: Good point. (Transforms into beast mode) I'm gonna fly around. See what we've gotten ourselves into now. (leaves)

Penthesilea: I could use a recharge. I'll go see what we have to work with. (goes into the wreckage)

Foxfire: Ho hum... *rustle* Who's there? Hello? (walks to a bush) Who's there? (In the distance she sees a familiar

sillouette) Is that... SteelWolf?

Penthesilea: (Comes out of wreckage) Everything's busted, except for a few things of Energon (tosses a small can toward

Foxfire). And some weapons. Not much, (opens up the can and holds it in a toasting stance) To bad luck.

Foxfire: (Runs over to Penthesilea and shakes her silly) You won't believe who I saw. Steelwolf!

Penthesilea: You're kidding. Steelwolf dissapeared off the ship. You, me and Hawk saw.

Foxfire: You're right. I'm just hallucinating.

Hawkeye: (Flys down and transforms) Hey! I found a huge city.

Foxfire: Are they friendly 'bots?

Hawkeye: No... a bunch of organic beings. From what I can gather, they're somewhat technologicaly advanced. But we

should be worried. Anything happen while I was gone?

Foxfire: Well... I thought I saw SteelWolf.

Hawkeye: Really? Hmm... Well. Let's camp out here. What's left of the ship.

Penthesilea: *sigh* Not much, but our quarters are ok. We can crash there for tonight.

Hawkeye: Sounds good, well I'm goin' in. See ya.

**Hawkeye's quarters**

Hawkeye: Since when did I get elected leader? Blech. I hope they don't think I am. I'm not cut out for that. Well,

hopefully when we arrive, we won't start a incident. Then again with the way things are going...


The End!!

Next time on Beast Wars - The New Crew

--The three head to the city!

--Foxfire meets Steelwolf???

--Stephen Jenkins from Third Eye Blind along with many other people guest star!

--Things get screwey!

All this and more on the next hopefully more funny part on

Beast Wars - The New Crew